Why The Village?

Church was never meant to be a building but rather it's a group of people who represent Jesus.

With this understanding The Village believes God has given them a purpose.
               1) to bring glory to God
               2) to invite others back into a relationship with God
Whether worshiping God is song, serving a meal in a homeless shelter, sharing coffee with a friend, or suffering alongside a friend or loved one, every action and effort of the people of God is driven by the desire to draw closer to God and invite others to join in.
We welcome you to connect with us at The Village!

Our core values...

Being Before Doing

we love people, not products
Word dwelling among us
Pursuing Jesus
Prayer & Dependence

relationships before rules

we connect with people,
not procedures
Church as family
Reconciliation and renewal
Spiritual honesty & Authenticity

Mercy Before Mission

we care about people,
not projects
Gospel intentionality
mission through community
Sacrificial Living & Generousity